Universal Nutrition, The Animal Line.

What is the Universal Nutrition "Animal Line" ? A compreensive guide for one of the best bodybuilding supplement manufacturers in the know, whatever is your goal or your needs, the "Animal" Line will help unleash the anabolic beast inside of you!

universal animal line

Animal Cuts: Animal Cuts brings the promise of burning fat not muscle, a "burning" desire for any bodybuilder on a cutting diet (trying to lose the extra fat and add slams of definition to the muscle! Animal Cuts is the the ultimate fat burning pak! The Animal Cuts formula is advanced and complete, including ingredients designed to stimulate metabolism and
thermogenesis, training focus and diuresis, muscle preservation and thyroid function as well as providing added energy and suppressing appetite. In this way the Animal Cuts formula is
everything the dieting iron athlete needs, totally comprehensive--the supplement bottom line when it comes to displaying the hard muscularity you seek. It is up to you to supply the desire, to stay on your diet and eat clean, to bring it in the gym and on the treadmill. You put in the hard work and Animal Cuts will take care of the rest.

Animal Nitro: Animal Nitro is the first and only supplement that contains the correct ratios of those aminos based on human muscle protein itself. When you finish your workout its time to feed the muscle, and when it come down to muscle building and recovery, you want only the best, Animal Nitro is the best! Providing an advanced supply of BCCA's directly into the muscle, bipassing any wasting of the product from liver absorption, your muscles will experience a truly unic "orgy" of the nutrients they crave for in your small and utterly important anabolic window, don't let your efforts go to waste! Maximum efficiancy and training results is the promise of Animal Nitro!

Animal Flex: Heavy Weights, Heavy PAIN, don't let an injury undermine your path to glory, Animal FLEX makes sure your joints are always well oiled, like the brutal mean machien you oath to become, know your weeknesses and take care of yuor bodie's weekest parts, protect your joints and ligaments with Animal FLEX.

Animal Pak: Vitamins and Minerals like they where never Vitamins and Mineral before! Never miss an anabolic or hormonal reaction in your body because of malnutrition, be optimal, be efficient, every single nutrient you need to keep fueling the backstage of your powerhouse, blood pumping anabolic body set is inside this wonder pack of truly potent "muscle food". Vitamins and Minerals will never be the same!

Animal Omega: Fat is bad ? NO! No FAT makes you FAT not the oter way around! Loaded with unsaturated fatty acids, this Omega formula is all the fat you will ever need, and believe
me, you will need it.

Animal Pump: Muscles and blood cells lose oxygen and nutrients that Animal Pump provides to let your workout last longer and keep your muscles 'Pumped' trough your workout, vascularity is the key for success, with Animal Pump you'll be PUMPING to stardrom in no time!

Universal Nutrition raises the bar in sports supplements with the Animal Line, defenitly something any serious athlete should look into, bottom line ? Universal Nutrition Animal Line Supplements stand for quality and industry high standards! Something you should not neglect!

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JamiGoode told me that it's really effective. It helped him a lot especially that he is now working out and trying to build some muscles.

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